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Reusable Water Bottles

We are limiting sales of water bottles and instead have reusable aluminum water bottles for purchase. These can be found in our snack shop and cost $14.00 + tax. Water bottles can be filled in the snack shop and at both restaurants and bars. Not only do the water bottles make great souvenirs but they help tackle plastic pollution.


Conservation of Energy

We have implemented long-lasting LED lights in most areas including the globe lights in bathrooms, up-lights on outdoor buildings and pools and a lower wattage light bulb in all outdoor lighting areas. Our water pump system works based on consumption. Our guest rooms water heating system is maintained at 50 Celsius / 122 Fahrenheit. All main electrical breakers to unoccupied rooms are turned off.


On Property Recycling Program

We recycle all carton, plastic, aluminum and glass bottles and containers. All guest rooms are equipped with recycling bins for this purpose. We ask our guests to help with this process and ensure that all bottles and containers are rinsed with water prior to discarding in the bin. Our staff will remove and recycle them during the daily cleaning service.


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

We use eco-friendly and anti-allergic cleaning products to offer a safer, more natural environment to our guests.


Eco-Friendly Room Amenities

All room amenities such as shampoo, soap, lotion, and coffee packets are natural with biodegradable packaging. Soaps are vegetable based, cruelty free, and made with naturally derived ingredients. The coffee provided in each room is sourced locally, with beans roasted and packaged here on Roatan.


Limiting Water Waste

Water conservation is important in order to minimize our impact on this delicate island environment. Please use water flow with caution and be sure to turn off all faucets when not in use. We encourage our guests to reuse towels, sheets, and beddings. Using our pillow cards and do not disturb signs are a great way to easily let our staff know when you want or decline service or plan to reuse your towels and linens.


Biodegradable Disposable Containers

All food and beverage take out containers such as clam containers, cups, lids, straws, napkins and stirrers are 100% biodegradable. We also use 100% compostable garbage bags and liners throughout the entire hotel. Glass glasses and ceramic mugs are placed in our guests’ rooms instead of plastic or paper cups.


Serving Locally Grown and Organic Food

Our restaurants offer local, seasonal and some organic produce to ensure our guests are dining on fresh and eco-friendly meals.

Las Verandas Green Policy

Promoting Sustainable and Environmental Practices

Las Verandas has been working to implement significant changes that will reduce the negative impact we have on our environment. We are doing our part for the planet by educating our staff and shifting current programs in ways that are more sustainable, while still staying competitive and ensuring our guests enjoy a comfortable stay.


The following changes and programs are in complete effect as of March 1, 2019.

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